Terms of use

User agreement for XTREMELII


  1. The website XTREMELII (hereinafter: “the website “) is operated by the XTREMELII brand (hereinafter: ” website management” and/or the “XTREMELII brand” and/or the brand) and serves as a website for the deliberate purchase of fashion products (hereinafter: “the product” “the products”) marketed by the XTREMELII brand.
  2. These Terms shall apply to any use and/or purchase made through the website.

The use of the website and/or the purchase of the products on the website (hereinafter: “the use of the website “) constitutes a declaration by the user and/or the client (hereinafter: “the User” and / or the “Client”) that he/she has read these Terms of Use carefully and that he/she understands and agrees to them in full

The policies and terms posted on our Services may be changed from time to time. The management of the website reserves the right to amend and/or change this User Agreement from time to time, without any warning or prior notice and at its sole discretion. Our right to amend the User Agreement includes the right to modify, add to, or remove terms in the User Agreement.

By using the Website, the user declares that he is familiar with all the instructions and/or regulations, including the updates made to them, as far as they are made from time to time, and he is solely and fully responsible for the knowledge of all terms of use and/or regulations.

Website activity:

The website management makes efforts to operate the website in a proper manner. It is clarified that the website management does not guarantee and can not guarantee that the service and/or activity will not be interrupted and/or provided without malfunctions and/or bugs of any kind. The aforementioned bugs include software and/or hardware and/or communications and the brand is not responsible in any way for malfunctions and other consequences that should occur

Purchase Conditions:

  1. The website allows the user to purchase products via the Internet (hereinafter: “Intentional Acquisition”).
  2. The user will be able to purchase the product through the website at any time until it is no longer in the inventory.
  3. It is hereby stated that the description of the product is general, does not necessarily specify all the details of the product, and that if a mistake is made in the description of the product and/or its appearance and/or its color, this will not coerce the website management in any way.

The pictures and colors of the products displayed on the website are illustrative only and may differ from reality.

The user waives any claims in advance due to the above.

  1. The purchases and payments on the website are made only by credit card or PayPal account (hereinafter: the “clearing company”) the purchase will be possible only after approval of payment by the clearing company for the transaction.

As long as the clearing company does not approve the transaction, the XTREMELII brand management will see the order as canceled or not executed at all.

  1. The brand management makes efforts to update the inventory of products and announce missing stocks via the use of a “SOLD OUT” sticker but does not undertake that all products displayed on the website will be in stock at any time or at all.

Insofar as the product and/or the products displayed on the website are ordered by the customer at any time, but the product and/or products are missing and/or do not exist in the inventory, the customer will not be charged for the transaction, and any transaction  will be canceled without charge to the customer.

  1. If there will be a fault and/or incorrect field in the shipping address during the time of the system checkup and/or the brand management checkup, that was filled by the customer during the purchase process on the website and/or during the transition to the shopping basket, the entire transaction will be canceled without charge of the customer.

If the customer wishes to renew and/or re-order the purchase, after the repair of the shipping address, the user will have to collect the products that he chose again, since the system has cleaned the shopping basket after the previous payment.

  1. All prices shown on the website are in US Dollars.

The prices do not include taxes of any kind other than VAT according to law.

The price of the product does not include shipping fees, which will be added to the total order price.

  1. The brand management may update and/or change the prices of the products and/or change the shipping charges from time to time without prior notice.

The price of the product which the customer will be charged is the price published when the transaction process is completed, and the credit card details are submitted.

It is hereby stated that if the prices were updated before the order was completed and/or the clearing company approved the transaction, the customer will be charged the updated price.

The brand management is entitled to offer and/or notify the customer at any time, and at its sole discretion, regarding benefits and discounts through any means of communication, including cellular devices and/or email and/or the various social networks in which it operates.

In addition, the website’s management may terminate benefits and/or discounts, amend or change them without prior notice.

  1. Should the customer fill the website shopping cart with any number of products but fail to complete purchase of aforementioned products, the website management reserves the right to remind the user about the potential purchases in the shopping cart   via text messages sent to the user using any form of media, including “bots” and email messages.

Registration and input of information by the customer, using the website:

  1. In order to purchase a product on the website, the customer may register for the website and upon registration will be required to provide different personal details.

The customer agrees and acknowledges that any specification of personal details is done with his consent and free will.

The customer is not obligated to register for the website and will be able to place an order as a guest by filling out the order form that appears on the website.

It is clarified that the customer is solely responsible for the integrity and accuracy of the details he provided when registering and/or ordering.

  1. It is hereby stated that any information a customer provides when registering for the website, and any information about his activity during the use of the website is saved and stored in the website’s database. The customer agrees and authorizes the brand management to store this information and to make any use of it, provided that such use is done according to the law.
  2. Each customer is able to register and create one customer account only.

Insofar as the customer is registered in duplicate listings, the brand Management reserves the right to delete duplicate accounts. The brand management reserves the right not to award the customer if there is a double and/or recurring registration.

  1. At the time of registration to the website, the customer is given the opportunity to register for various mailing services of the website.

As long as the customer wishes to remove himself from a particular mailing service, he may remove himself from receiving this mailing by marking the “Unsubscribe” box that appears at the bottom of the link sent to him by email.

It is hereby stated that the website has different and separate mailing services, one of which is general and the other for personal updates to the customer.

The customer is responsible for removing himself from the appropriate service and/or all services.

XTREMELII brand warranty:

  1. The brand management takes reasonable and acceptable precautions to maintain the confidentiality of information provided by the user at any time.
  2. The brand management shall not be responsible for and shall not bear any damage of any kind caused to the user due to the use of and purchase through, the website, whatever cause of action, including loss of income or loss of profits caused for any reason.
  3. The brand management is not responsible in any way for delays in the supply of products and their receipt by the customer due to events that are not under the brand control; such as strikes, natural disasters, various types of malfunctions, delays, malfunctions in the computer system and / or the Internet or the media.
  4. The website’s management does its best to supply the products on the date set, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.
  5. If the customer believes that the product he received is faulty or damaged, he may contact the customer service of the website via the CONTACT US page on the website, and the website’s customer service will consider the request and act accordingly.

Copyright and Intellectual Property:

  1. All intellectual property rights, including the rights in respect of the graphic design of the website in general, the copyright, methods, images, databases, product details and any details pertaining to the operation of the website are the sole property of the XTREMLII brand and the owners of the brand Keiner Avraham, exempt dealer: 203989108.
  2. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, publish, duplicate, and sell any information from the website without obtaining explicit permission from the website administration in advance and in writing.
  3. It is prohibited to make any use, of any kind, of the data and product lists appearing on the website without obtaining the consent of the website management in advance and in writing.
  4. All content and any information and display appearing on the website including graphics, design, logos, textual description, icons and so forth are the sole property of XTREMELII.

Shipping and delivery:

  1. The website management will supply and send the products that the customer purchased on the website to the address supplied by the customer when registering for the website and/or making the order, all subject to the delivery company’s procedures.

The website management will supply the purchased products according to the conditions specified and according to the shipping rates specified at the time of the transaction.

It is hereby stated that the management of the website will supply only products for which payment was paid in full through the clearing company.

Payment for the shipment will be made through the clearing company and will be added to the payment for the products.

  1. The brand may be able to assist customers who wish to change the shipping address of the product if the product has not yet left the company warehouses. However, if it has already left the warehouses to the delivery company, the shipment may be delayed and the customer will have to directly contact the delivery company and update them about changing the address independently.
  2. The supply date for the products is specified on the website refers to working days only, not including Friday, Saturday, sabbatical, and holiday.

The number of days of supply shall commence from the beginning of the day after receipt of the transaction’s approval from the clearing company.

XTREMELII brand management will act to transfer the products ordered by the customer to the delivery company within 72 hours, provided there is no delay which falls beyond the brand’s control, as stated, and only after approval of the transaction by the clearing company.

  1. The website management shall not be responsible for any delay in supply caused by force majeure, malfunctions, emergencies or events that are not under the brand’s control.
  2. It is clarified and emphasized that in addition to the terms of use detailed in the website, the regulations and terms of use of the delivery company or any other body through which the brand management may deliver the shipment will apply to the user.
  3. The brand management will treat any order placed by a legal minor (below age 18) as an order made with the full approval of the minor’s legal guardian, and with the full intent of making the order as placed on the website. The brand will not be obligated to compensate/acquit a customer of this sort after order placement.

Return of products and cancelation of the transaction:

  1. The user has the right to cancel the transaction or return the products, according to with and under all the provisions of the law.
  2. If the customer orders several products in one order and a particular product is out of stock for some reason even after the order was made, the entire order will be canceled and the customer will not be charged for it.
  3. Cancellation of an order by the customer before the product or package has been sent will not result in a charge other than the payment of the clearing company’s fee as prescribed by law.
  4. After the product or package is sent to the customer, the customer will be charged the transaction cancellation fee at a rate of 5% of the transaction price or 27$, whichever is lower, and will also pay cancellation fees of the clearing commission to the clearing
  5. In the event of cancellation of a transaction, and after the product has been shipped back to and received in XTREMELII warehouses (as stated in sect. 7 below), only then will the customer be refunded the price of the product/s at the time of the purchase. The shipping fees will not be refunded.
  6. The refund is paid to the customer as prescribed by law.
  7. It is hereby clarified that the refund will be given only if the supplied item is returned, provided that no use has been made of it and/or that there is no defect and/or damage in its original packaging and with the label and/or the zip tie affixed to it by the brand suppliers in advance.
    Insofar as the product return does not match the above-mentioned terms, the customer will not be refunded.
  8. A customer may return a product that has not been used, and according with the terms as stated in section 7 above, within up to fourteen days upon receiving it.
  9. The customer will send by registered mail the product/s or package t received back to the XTREMELII brand at the address of Moshav Sdei Trumot 56 Ma’ayanot Valley, postal code: 1083500, Israel.
  10. Products sold on sale and / or discount that the customer chooses to return as stated, will be allowed to do so up to seven working days from the time they are received at the brand warehouses.
  11. Products sold under special terms of sale (such as “buy one get one free” deals) will be returned according to the same conditions that apply to all other products, in other words, the customer will return all the products together.

If only some of the products are returned, then the refund will be deducted the full value of the products disregarding the discount of the product/s, that were not returned to the brand.

Therefore, the customer may receive a lower refund than the value of the product if purchased not under the terms of a sale.

  1. It is hereby stated that it is the customer’s responsibility to package the products that are returned to the company in appropriate packaging. Packaging standards must at least meet the packaging standard the product was shipped into the customer.

Only the receipt of the product in its complete and original form by the company will entitle the customer to a refund.


  1. The XTREMELII brand management does not store credit card numbers.
  2. The XTREMELII brand management uses acceptable security standards in order to maintain the confidentiality of the information in its possession.
  3. The security standards used by the website are intended to protect customers and credit companies, as well as the clearing company’s procedures, which apply in full to the user.
  4. The website management will not be responsible for any damage of any kind caused to the customer, or anyone on behalf of the customer if information reaches a party that makes use of information without the authorization of the XTREMELII brand management.
  5. The website management makes an effort to operate the website and secure the information provided to it by customers, in a proper and confidential manner.  The website management cannot fully prevent hostile and/or unauthorized access to its servers and therefore will not bear any damage that may be caused to any of the users of the website.