Privacy Policy

Sign-Up & Collecting Information

  1. When ordering an item from the website, the customer has the option of registering for the website. When registering, the customer is required to provide information: Username, E-mail address, password, shipping address, telephone number/s.
    The customer is hereby informed that he/she is under no obligation to provide personal information and that any personal information provided by the customer is done with full consent. Furthermore, the customer approves the use of personal details provided to the website by the customer and will not hold the company responsible or be eligible for compensation due to privacy infringement.
  • Any personal information provided by the customer (as follows “the user” or “the customer”) while filling out the registration form will be subject to the privacy policy of the XTREMELii company (as follows “the XTREMELii brand,” “the brand”).
    The customer is not obligated to register for the website and may order items from the website as a guest, via the order form which appears on the website.
  • The customer is hereby notified that any information provided when registering for the website, and all information related to website activity, is collected and saved in the XTREMELii brand database. The customer approves the use of this information in any form, and for any purpose, the brand sees fit (as long as approved by law), including but not limited to;
    a) For advertisement purposes, sales promotion, sales. In addition, the company may use the information to address the customer directly in any form it sees fit (including but not limited to; email, fax, mail, in writing, via telephone, SMS, or any other form of communication)
    b) For the purpose of encouraging customer loyalty, statistical analysis, survey conduction, and any other online marketing.
    c) For internal company use, such as complaints research and/or reviews.
    d) Mail regarding sales promotion and marketing.
    e) Use of “cookies” (small text files saved on the hard drive of the customers’ computer via the web browser, by the XTREMELii brand). The customer is hereby notified that he/she may, at any point, choose to stop saving and/or delete the “cookies” files from the customers’ computer. This can be done through the web browser which the customer is using.

    Use of customer information as stated, will not be considered an infringement of customer privacy.
    Furthermore, the customer hereby consents to the information provided to the website as being a property of the XTREMELii brand and waives any and all claims due to website use/storage of said information. The customer waives any and all claims resulting from the Privacy Protection Law (1981).
    The extremely brand will not be considered in infringement of customer privacy due to the use/storage of any information that may be used to track/identify a customer (as defined in the Computers Law, 1995), and which results from the use of electronic communications in general and computer-based communications in particular.
  • The XTREMELii brand will not disclose customer information to any other entity, unless under the following circumstances:
    a) If the XTREMELii brand is obligated to do so by judicial order or by law.
    b) If the XTREMELii brand receives notice regarding legal action taken against the brand due to actions perpetrated by the customer.
     In any and all disputes, claims, legal action, demands, insofar as such things may exist, between the customer and the brand.
    c) In case of merger/acquisition of the XTREMELii brand by another entity, or in case of the brand expanding/organizing its activity within the framework of another entity, the brand will be permitted to disclose customer information to said entity, providing the entity acts according to this Privacy Policy.
    d) If a claim is made, or the brand suspects, that the customer performed an act and/or neglect which damages and/or might damage the company and/or a company proxy and/or any third party.
    e) If a claim is made or is suspected by the XTREMELii brand, that the customer performed any kind of illegal act and/or facilitated, assisted or encouraged such an act.
    f) If a claim is made, or if suspected by the XTREMELii brand, that the customer infringed upon any part of the brand policy/regulations and/or any agreement with the brand and/or with any entity representing the brand.
    g) If and to the extent required, transfer of information is necessary to the operation of the XTREMELii brand, e.g.: sharing of information with brand employees, subcontractors and other entities involved in the sales and all operations of the XTREMELii brand. The customer hereby waives all claims and demands related to the sharing of information by the brand.
  1. On the registration form for the website, the customer is given the option of signing up to receive various communications. If the customer wishes to be removed from a mailing list, he/she may do so by checking the “remove from mailing list” box which will appear at the foot of the link sent by e-mail. In such a case, the XTREMELii brand will act upon the customers’ wish accordingly.

    It is hereby stated that the website operates separate and different mailing lists, one mailing list being a general one while the others are intended to provide specific updates to the customer. The customer is responsible to remove him/herself from the appropriate list and/or from all lists.
    Furthermore, it is hereby stated that the XTREMELii brand reserves the right to use the details provided by the customer for all the purposes stated in Section 1 of this article, subject to customer privacy and to the letter of the law.


  1. The XTREMELii brand does not store or save credit card numbers in brand computers or anywhere else.
  2. The XTREMELii brand uses adequate security measures to protect, as securely as possible, the information provided by the customer. The XTREMELii brand uses “Leumi Card,” a leading clearing corporation, as well as “Pelecard” which serves as the Credit Console on the XTREMELii website. Both companies adhere to strict privacy and information security standards as required by the credit card companies, PCI Level 1 Standard.
  3. The security standards the website adheres to are intended to protect the customers, the dealers and the credit card companies. Use of the PCI DSS standard greatly enhances the security level of the XTREMELii website.
  4. The website is secured using SSL protocol, i.e., all communications between the user’s web browser and the website (i.e., the internet server housing the webpage) are encoded. In other words, the aforementioned “security” relates to the encoding of data. Encoding is a method of “scrambling” designed to confuse illegal third parties, and requires two partners; the sender (encoder) and the receiver (decoder). The encoding function is based on mathematic functions and is unique in the fact that it requires only one ‘key’ on the customer side, but to encode and decode requires two ‘keys.’
  5. The XTREMELii brand will not make any use of the information provided by the user registered to the website, save for information required for the operations of the website, or to employees / third parties working with the brand, in order to supply the order made by the user.
  6. The website management makes an effort to provide high-quality service to its customers. However, the website management does not guarantee that the website service will be provided with no interruptions/mistakes, nor does it guarantee that the service will be entirely immune to unwanted access to the management computers, damages, problems or failures – including but not limited to hardware/software/communications failures, whether the problem be with management computers or a third party working with the company.
  7. As previously mentioned, XTREMELii takes appropriate security measures to protect the information provided by the use. Despite so, in cases out of control and/or force majeure, the XTREMELii brand will not be held responsible for any kind of damages to the user or user representative resulting, directly or indirectly, from information loss or information leakage to an unwanted third party.