XTREMELii is a young fashion brand which specializes in niche accessories.

Our brand was established with love and passion for fashion and accessories in order to bring our customers the best accessories at attractive prices for all the crazy gals. 

You can find 4 different styles categories which include styles from different cultures and periods.

With XTREMELii you will be able to fulfill your fantasies and vision all the while fulfilling your dreams to the extreme.

We design and produce our collection which is only available through the XTREMELii website.

We sell edgy street style and extreme handmade accessories from the 90’s style an up to the Gothic style, from the rave style an up to ethnic and hippies style and much more.

You can find among our products accessories such as earrings, sunglasses, Necklaces, chokers, Fanny packs, Rings, and more crazy and extreme stuff.